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This unique reference 130 does not have the same square pushers as its Valjoux-based movement. This is an early reference 130, but it uses a Victorin Piguet-based movement. It's a monopusher configuration and has a steel case. However, it's still a reference 130. These movements were not used in the early part of the series,Rolex Day-Date Replica according to Auro Montanari.

Ref. Early Omega Replica Watches 130 steel chronograph powered in Victorin Piguet's ebauche, and in a monopusher configuration. This is in contrast to the Valjoux-based movement in most 130 examples.

Reference 530 (1937).

Thoughts from Alex

Imagine the relevance of the design for the reference 530 that Omega Replica Watches decided that it should be relaunched as a modern reiteration under the ref 5170.

Omega Replica Watches's ref 530 was launched in 1937. It is a larger version of its older sister, ref 130, but it has a much bigger diameter at 36.5mm.

The ultimate in rarity, beauty, and desirability is the reference 530. There are 28 examples in yellow gold. 14 in pink gold. 10 in stainless steel. The interesting thing about the stainless steel version is that it was made with case variants which differ in the distance between the two lugs.

The 19mm strap of the first generation was used primarily in the 1930s.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches However, the Georges Croisier cases gave the second generation a 21.5mm bracelet, giving it a more powerful look. Given the very low production numbers, I believe any version of the 530 can be considered collectible. However, I do have a soft spot to the models with Breguet numerals (which is rare).

Fans of Omega Replica Watches chronographs from the past will love to see a time machine go back to 1936, and to sit in on a meeting with Charles Stern and Jean Stern. They decided to create what is today's equivalent of a large, oversized chronograph.

This makes one wonder if the brothers recognized the need for gentlemen drivers who wanted better visibility in high-competition markets. Omega Replica Watches launched the reference 530 chronograph a year later than the 130.Omega fake Watches This was an enormous sports watch, which in the context was a massive 3.5mm larger than the reference 130. It was also a very modern 36.5mm.

The number of reference 530 was far less than the 130. For example,Omega Replica Watches there are only 14 examples of rose gold, and less than 10 examples of stainless steel. The prices of the reference530 are incredible, which is fitting given their rarity. A steel example sold at the Phillips Start-Stop-Reset Auction for 821,000 Swiss Francs in 2016.

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